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11/∞ favourite pictures from the 2013-2014 nhl season
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I have A+ friends

I’m funny as heck

I’m a cutie

animals love me

I’m v athletic :)))

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my phone’s front camera is pure shit but hi
Took my doggie for a walk :)))


Hello! So as I’ve been mentioning these past couple of days, I’ve been wanting to do a giveaway. I have plenty on Jersey’s, team sweaters and even a couple of hats, but I either wear them all the time, or they’re just too old to giveaway to anyone. So I decided that instead of entering for a item that you wouldn’t really want, why not enter for the chance to win whichever item you’d like? As long as your shirt/hat/whatever is located on shop.nhl.com, it can be bought for you.
The winner of this giveaway will get the chance to get a Shirsey (1) of their choice, and a Plush toy (1) of their choice.
If you win, you must be okay with giving out a mailing address so I can ship the item to you.
You can enter by both favoriting and reblogging.
You can enter as many times as you’d like.
I will be picking the winner August 5th, after 10:00 PM EDT. If the winner doesn’t want to be published, then I will let everyone know that I have messaged the winner.
You must be following me to win, because I love meeting new people. Plus I promise I’m cool. I also follow back if you’re a hockey blog so yeah.
The winner will be chosen based off of a random number generator.
Lastly, this giveaway is worldwide so happy dance. Shipping and handling will be paid my moi so you won’t have to worry about anything but picking your item.
This contest will end AUGUST 5TH at 10:00 PM EDT! Good luck to everyone!

I showed my dog himself in the mirror and he stared at himself for a solid five minutes

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Hockey Wiki Pages: Ryan Miller

@ Dom Moore, thank you for ruining my life

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alright y’all I hit 2k so it’s time for my give away!!!
this give away includes:
Zuccarello shirsey (adult small)
St Louis shirsey (adult small)
McDonagh shirsey (adult small)
Nash SCF shirsey (adult small)
and a photo I personally got Taylor Pyatt to sign!!!
you may reblog this as many times as you want
you don’t have to be following me but that would be nice :)))
you must be comfortable giving me your address, I will pay for shipping.
you have until August 1st to reblog this, so make sure to have your ask box open by then!!!
good luck!!!

In case y’all missed it!!!

The more reblog it the better your chances are!!!

y&#8217;all have one more day to reblog!!!
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